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FotoRoid 200 FREE and FotoRoid 2HD Freemium

FotoRoid 200 is now free and we've added a freemium higher-quality, higher-resolution edition FotoRoid 2HD.

By : 元 FotoRoid 200 FREE and FotoRoid 2HD Freemium 2 comments

FotoRoid 200 Intro Video


A run through of the main features of 1.0.0 version in 90 seconds. Version 1.0.4 adds many new features, including interchangeable lenses, films and the paper/noise effects in the original 200 release.

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FotoRoid 200 Retro Camera

This shot utilizes a colder look which actually derives from a variety of peel apart pack film that is still readily available (ie. not manufactured by Polaroid).

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More FotoRoids...

This is a warmer shot. The camera in the iPhone 4s is amazing.

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FotoRoid 200 - Culver City

I took a beta version of FotoRoid 200 out for a spin on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I had mostly only used it in the lab, late at night, like, BORIS.

Anyway, the some of the photos were so realistic, it was nutty. This is one.

By : 元 FotoRoid 200 - Culver City 1 comments

Introducing FotoRoid Model 200

FotoRoid 200

Emulates "pack film" instant cameras and medium format cameras that are compatible with instant "pack film" camera back. Most medium format analog cameras have "pack film" instant camera backs for shooting proofs. "Pack film" is peel apart and available from a variety of manufacturers. The "peel apart" nature of the film generates a wide variety of interesting analog FX. FotoRoid 200 tries to emulate them all.

FotoRoid 200 is an all-new FotoRoid model, and uses real-time in-camera effects. Supports iPhone 4s flash.

Requires OpenGLES2 capable iOS device with both front and rear-facing cameras (iPad 2, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch).

By : 元 Introducing FotoRoid Model 200 1 comments



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